Upcoming: "Argumentam ad Lunam"

I’m very pleased to be giving The Nadine Beacham and Charlton F. Hall Sr. Visiting Lectureship in New Testament and Early Christianity at the University of South Carolina in October.

Here is a description of the lectureship:

The Nadine Beacham and Charlton F. Hall, Sr. Visiting Lectureship brings together the brightest scholars of New Testament and Early Christianity, the general public and the local church community to inspire the study of Early Christian literature and history, and to foster reflection on the moral issues facing our nation. This lecture was established by Columbia businessman Charlton F. Hall, Jr., in memory of his father, Charlton F. Hall, Sr., and his mother Nadine Beacham Hall. In the words of Charlton F. Hall, Jr., “By annually bringing to the university community a well-known religious leader or scholar, it is my hope to enhance the moral and spiritual well-being of the individual and promote peace and good will among men.” This lecture is free and open to the public.
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