Recent course offerings at the University of Miami include:

  • REL 101 Introduction to Religion (team taught)
  • REL 103 One God (team taught)
  • REL 121 Introduction to the New Testament
  • REL 255 Religion and Sports: From Antiquity to the Present (team taught)
  • REL 308 The Greco-Roman Context of Early Christianity
  • REL 322 Paul: Letters and Controversies
  • REL 324 The Bible and Modern Film
  • REL 325/JUS 301 Jesus in Myth and History
  • REL 345/CLA 222/GSS 350 Religion and Gender (Sex in the Ancient World)
  • REL 349 All Roads Lead to Rome (team taught)
  • REL 351 Religious Issues in Death and Dying
  • REL 362 Sanctity of Life: From the Ancient World to the Present (team taught)
  • REL 401 Supervised Independent Study: Theory of Religion (Graduate School Preparation)
  • REL 401 Supervised Independent Study: Cognitive Science and Religion
  • REL 406/AMS 324 Is Star Wars a Religion?

Student Testimonials

One of my great joys is helping my students! I'm so grateful to have worked with all of my students at the University of Miami, and I am especially honored to have been a part of the journeys of the student noted here: