The Next Quest for the Historical Jesus

I’m excited to be joining a terrific group of scholars in the UK next month for a seminar on The Next Quest for the Historical Jesus!

Upcoming events both livestreamed on the Enoch Seminar’s Facebook page:

  • Part I (virtual conference only): 11 July, 10am–3.30pm (UK time)
  • Part II (in-person and virtual): 15–16 July, 10am–5pm (UK time)

For updates and further details, see the Facebook pages of the Enoch Seminar and the Centre for the Critical Study of Apocalyptic and Millenarian Movements (CenSAMM). To register, go to the CenSAMM page.

Featuring: Giovanni Bazzana, James Crossley, Tucker Ferda, Paula Fredriksen, Deane Galbraith, Mark Goodacre, Meghan Henning, Nathan Johnson, Brandon Massey, Chris Keith, John Kloppenborg, Halvor Moxnes, Robert Myles, Gideon Wongi Park, Janelle Peters, Taylor Petrey, Adele Reinhartz, Rafael Rodriguez, Sarah Rollens, Nathan Shedd, Mitzi Smith, Joan Taylor, Matthew Thiessen, Robyn Walsh, Matthew Whitlock, Sean Winter, Stephen Young.